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Student Leadership

The SAY Physical Therapy clinic is student-run with the assistance of a faculty liaison. The team oversees all internal operations of the clinic, including management, accounting, fundraising, promotion, acquisition and maintenance of equipment, and outcomes. This framework allows committee members to have a sense of ownership over the clinic and allows close collaboration with faculty and volunteer practicing clinicians.


The student leadership committee at the Super All Year (SAY) Physical Therapy Clinic allows Wayne State PT and pre-PT students opportunities for experiences not available in the classroom. Membership on the leadership committee provides students an additional avenue to develop skills in teamwork, community involvement, marketing, and administration. New opportunities on the leadership team are available yearly. 

Leadership Committee '22-'23

Faculty Advisory Committee

Martha Schiller, PT, DPT, MSA

Kristen Decker, PT, DPT

Nanette Hannum, PT, DPT, 

Andy Moul, PT, DPT

Marie Eve Pepin, PT, DPT, MSPT, OMPT

Tina Reid, PT, MS

Clinic Operations Leader

Joseph Wingett, 2023

Olivia Hayden, 2023

Ashlyn Kelly, 2024

Holly Daywalt, 2024

Melissa Ansara, 2025

Zahraa Darwich, 2025

Marketing/IT Committee

Jacob Gonzalez, 2025

Olivia Hutchison, 2024

Matthew Kraydich, 2025

Jeremiah Kissel, 2025

Karina Villalobos, 2025

Staff Committee

Miki Kamiya, 2023

Anaya Lachnar, 2023

Brianna Pajakowski, 2023

Anna Toppi, 2024

Amanda Chehab, 2025

Tiffani Cooper, 2024

Mia Dronchi, 2024

Emily Rose, 2025

Spencer Webber, 2025

Jada Young, 2025

Outcomes Committee

Zoey Bezilla, 2023

Kameron MacIver, 2024

Catherine Skaggs, 2024

Jacklyn Carrico, 2025

Alexandra Kaminske, 2025

Bill Mulligan, 2025

Fundraising Committee

Griffin Balick, 2023

Alex Dusza, 2023

Paolo DiMaria, 2023

Paulina Cywinski, 2024

Evan Waszkiewicz, 2024

MaKayla Duggan, 2025

Alaa Issa, 2025

Finance Committee

Devin Greger, 2023

Ellie Rodriguez, 2024

Nadine Shakra, 2024

Saed Aabed, 2025

Joshua Smith, 2025

Carolina Villalobos-Palacios, 2025

DEW Clinic Coordinators

Nicole Hawes, 2023

Mary Catherine McLaughlin, 2023

Anita Anguelova, 2024

Nathan Hughes, 2024

Carolyn Albom, 2025

Rebecca Dorey, 2025

CHIP Clinic Coordinators

Cece Findlay, 2023

Kathryn Gordon, 2023

Rachel Burress, 2024

Becca Huizar, 2024

Mackenzie Ashburn, 2025

Carolina Villalobos-Palacios, 2025

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