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Diabetes Education and Wellness Clinic (DEW)

What it is:

The DEW Clinic is a Wayne State University student-run clinic. Students, faculty and community mentors help run the clinic. At the DEW clinic, individuals can receive care from our Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Dietetics, Social Work, Medicine, and Occupational Therapy graduate programs. These disciplines work together to provide free specialized care and educational resources to diabetic patients in the Detroit area.


Our goal is to support people in the community in managing/preventing diabetes by providing personalized, holistic treatment plans. Wayne State students provide the educational services with faculty/preceptor supervision. Persons coming to the clinic receive education on living with diabetes, such as managing and tracking diabetes symptoms, medication counseling, medical supplies for monitoring glucose control, nutrition management, visual and sensory monitoring, exercise programs, foot care information, and community support services, such as vision and dental care, mental health services, and community fitness programs. Funding for the DEW Clinic has been provided by student fundraisers, corporate donations, and grants.

The DEW clinic mission is to assist individuals, along with their primary care physicians, by providing specialized care and educational resources to help patients with diabetic management strategies and optimize their activities of daily living.

Services we provide:

  • Safe exercise guidelines

  • Individualized exercise programs

  • Foot care education

  • Techniques to help you do chores at home and in the community

  • Depression management

  • Medication advice

  • Blood sugar monitoring techniques

  • Healthy eating tips

  • Customized meal plans

  • Connections to dental, vision, medical, and mental health resources

  • Address medical needs

Get involved:

Contact our DEW Physical Therapy Faculty Coordinator, Martha Schiller, for more questions about the clinic!


When and Where:


5-7 PM

1st Monday of every month

(except September and holidays)



Wayne Health Detroit Mack Health Center Family Medicine

400 Mack Ave Suite 2, Detroit, MI 48201

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