Student Leadership

The SAY Physical Therapy clinic is student-run with the assistance of a faculty liaison. The team oversees all internal operations of the clinic, including management, accounting, fundraising, promotion, acquisition and maintenance of equipment, and outcomes. This framework allows committee members to have a sense of ownership over the clinic and allows close collaboration with faculty and volunteer practicing clinicians.


The student leadership committee at the Super All Year (SAY) Physical Therapy Clinic allows Wayne State PT and pre-PT students opportunities for experiences not available in the classroom. Membership on the leadership committee provides students an additional avenue to develop skills in teamwork, community involvement, marketing, and administration. New opportunities on the leadership team are available yearly. 

Current Leadership Committee

PT Faculty Liaison:

Martha Schiller, PT, DPT, MSA

Clinic Operations Coordinators:

Brent Hasler, 2018

Kristen Roberston, 2019

Abby Skallerud, 2020

Hanna Alzoubi, 2020


Lyndsey Crosbie, 2019

Janella Castillo, 2020

Student Relations:

Emily Denn, 2019

Stephanie Fudalla, 2020

Outcomes Coordinators:

Rachel Smith, 2019

Carter Reid, 2020

Fundraising and Equipment:

Mahtab Koochaki, 2018
Karen Sharkey, 2019

Stephanie Bialowicz, 2019

Alyssa Redoute, 2020
Patty Ader, 2020
Olivia Kastadinovski, 2020

PT Coordinator:

Emily Denn, 2019

Patty Ader, 2020


Jordan Lawal, 2018
Bria Kwakem, 2019

Brianna Gallon, 2020

DEW Clinic Coordinators:

Tara Anderson, 2018
Kristin Carl, 2019

Kimmy Morck, 2019

Angela Vettori, 2020

Chip Clinic Coordinators:

Kristen Robertson, 2019

Alexa Gazda, 2020